Campana Brothers Select: Works from the Permanent Collection

Book: plates from Insectes

  • Written by Emile-Alain Séguy (1889–1985)
    France, ca. 1927
    Pochoir print
    Smithsonian Institution Libraries, Cooper-Hewitt, National Design
    Museum, f NK1555 .S47
    Photo: Matt Flynn

  • These exotic specimens are from the book Insectes by French etymologist Emile-Alain Séguy, who produced a series of portfolios culled from scientific publications to inspire and promote new forms, colors, and patterns. Pochoir, a type of stencil-printing technique popular in France in the early twentieth century, was employed, resulting in prints that look hand-colored. If one looks at the plates long enough, one loses the sense of isolated insects and sees the illustration as one unique shape.

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The above tags were provided by the Campana Brothers as an alternative way of organizing the objects in the exhibition.