Campana Brothers Select: Works from the Permanent Collection

Sidewall: Straw Square

  • Produced by Katzenbach and Warren, Inc.
    United States, 1948
    Molded plastic with paper backing
    Gift of Katzenbach and Warren, Inc., 1948-68-1-a,b
    Photo: Matt Flynn

  • In the late 1940s, plastic molds were used to create less expensive imitations of materials such as bamboo, wood, and straw. Katzenbach and Warren, a leading mid-twentieth-century designer and manufacturer of wallcoverings, stated that the “influences and effects of wallpaper are very real. Its stripes can imprison or release; its textures can impoverish or enrich.”

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The above tags were provided by the Campana Brothers as an alternative way of organizing the objects in the exhibition.