Design Life Now: National Design Triennial 2006 is made possible by Target.

Generous support is provided by Maharam.
Additional funding is provided by Agnes Bourne.
Generous in-kind support provided by Samsung

Exhibition Curators:
Barbara J. Bloemink
Brooke Hodge
Ellen Lupton
Matilda McQuaid

Head of Exhibitions: Jocelyn Groom
Production Manager: Mick O’Shea
Editor: Chul R. Kim
Head Registrar: Steven Langehough

Exhibition Design: Matter Architecture Practice
Exhibition Graphics: Tsang Seymour Design
Exhibition Catalogue Design: COMA Amsterdam/New York
Font/Triennial Logo Design (The Clash and The Clash Sans): COMA Amsterdam/New York
Lighting Design: Marcus Doshi

Registrar: Steven Langehough & Wendy Rogers
Exhibitions: Jocelyn Groom, Mick O’Shea, & Mathew Weaver
Image Rights and Reproductions: Jill Bloomer
Head of Publications: Chul R. Kim

Director of Marketing and Communications: Jennifer Northrop
Communications Editor: Nancy Sul
Website: William Berry, Ellen Lupton, & Woody Batts

Podcasts produced by: Shamus Adams with Katie Vagnino

Curator Photography: Ben Baker