Custom blik Karel wall graphics, 2005

blik, LLC

Location: Venice, California
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With blik’s pre-cut, simple, and widely varied forms and shapes, the walls in our homes can be changed according to each of our whims, moods, ages, hobbies, interests, or aesthetics. Embodying both the current trend toward individual customization and the increasingly transient nature of our lives, blik offers an innovative alternate to traditional wallpaper and painted walls for the “commitment- phobic”: designs come in over fifty variations, including dots, circles, birds, flowers, clouds, aliens, ellipses, paisleys, words, and numbers. Additional designs are released annually.

blik’s shapes and forms are made from computer-generated images that are transferred onto thin, removable PVC stickers. Users can choose to install the designs in any configuration: using a single design repeated over the wall’s surface, decorating only a small part of the wall, or mixing different designs in any combination or arrangement. The designs can also be placed against flat surfaces such as walls, ceilings, furniture, and floors. The decals can be peeled off and leave no residue.

The company, founded by food editor Jerinne Neils and architect Scott Flora, was originally Webbased only. Neils and Flora were inspired by the cubed, site-specific wall drawings of conceptual artist Sol LeWitt from the 1960s. However, blik’s imagery ranges from minimalist simplicity to highly decorative motifs that can be combined or stand alone to create unique wall “murals.” Their initial use of decals as individualized wallpaper has also been applied to functional objects such as furniture and glasses. In addition, Neils and Flora have created a temporary outdoor installation, Big Red Wall, consisting of a 100-foot-long wall “graffiti’d” with blik designs, in Silverlake, California.