Cast polyurethane housing, expanded polystyrene insulation, injection-molded polycarbonate cassette, cannulas, and tube frame, lithium ion batteries, proprietary single board controller and real-time firmware, OEM-supplied pumps, valves, sensors, LCD disp

Organ Recovery Systems

Location: Des Plaines, Illinois
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Today, the number of people in America who need, and may not receive, donated human organs has reached startling levels. More than 68,000 critically ill patients are currently waiting to receive kidneys. This crisis is not only due to scarcity of the organs, but also to the extreme difficulty of keeping donated organs viable until they can be transplanted.

To begin solving this problem, Organ Recovery Systems designed the LifePort® Kidney Transporter, which received the Food and Drug Administration’s approval in 2003. The LifePort design represents a new, state-ofthe- art standard of care and ease of transport for transplantable kidneys; and uses proprietary, integrated, precision-engineered technology.

The LifePort’s exterior is sleek and compact, with a display that continuously monitors the organ’s performance data in real time. Its one-touch keypads offer streamlined operation. The interior is outfitted with hoses to continually pump tissue-nourishing fluids through the kidney, and includes a microprocessor to monitor vital signs. Recent studies have shown that kidneys transported in the LifePort survive at least seventeen hours longer than those transported the standard way, doubling the viability time of the organs. On March 22, 2006, LifePort was featured in a episode of CSI: New York, a television show noted for its use of the latest forensic medical techniques and equipment.

The company is currently in the last stages of design and development for LifePort Transporters for the heart, liver, and pancreas. Each will offer portability for long-range transport and substantially improved organ-assessment capabilities and preservation time. As a result, thousands of lives will be saved.