Untitled Farce, 2004

Planet Propaganda

Location: Madison, Wisconsin
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Although its name mockingly evokes delusions of totalitarian grandeur, Planet Propaganda is a design agency that approaches a diverse range of media with commonsense thinking and carefree creative energy.

Founded in 1989 as Planet Design Company by designers Kevin Wade and Dana Lytle, the firm was renamed Planet Propaganda in 2000, marking its transformation from a traditional graphic-design firm to a fullservice design, advertising, and interactive company. Its client list has ranged from national companies such as Rollerblade, Target, and Miller Brewing to the Wisconsin Film Festival and the local Broom Street Theater.

A direct, real-life sensibility pervades Planet Propaganda’s diverse body of work. Handdrawn illustrations deliver blunt, immediate humor: in a theater poster, the barrel of a gun is made of popcorn; to promote a show by P’elvis, a band featuring Wade, at the local Anchor Inn, a classic ship’s anchor becomes a pelvic bone. The pleasure taken in well-written copy shines through in direct, down-home advertising and branding for Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches, a national chain of high-quality fast-food restaurants.

Planet Propaganda extends its attitude to motion graphics, creating unforgettable campaigns for Gary Fisher Mountain Bikes and other clients. Planet’s third principal, John Besmer, established a film division, P Star Pictures, in 2004, dedicated to developing and marketing original features, shorts, and films. Prepare for world domination, as Planet Propaganda brings the cool humor that has helped reap success for the Wisconsin Film Festival and other clients to its own independent media productions.