Lunaire Dinner Tray, 2004

Scott Wilson

Location: Chicago, Illinois
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Scott Wilson works simultaneously for several companies and across many different brands and product types. He is former Global Creative Director for Nike Explore, a collaborative group that seeks out new partnerships, businesses, and product opportunities for one of the world’s most prominent brands. As Principal of Studio MOD, a collaborative virtual-design network, Wilson serves as the creative hub, forming virtual teams tailored to specific projects. With OOBA, Wilson’s newest initiative, launched in January 2006, the designer has created a brand of his own dedicated to creating modern living products and furniture for young families.

Connecting Wilson’s endeavors is the intimate relationship he creates between user and product, which results in fresh and approachable designs with a streamlined contemporary sensibility. The Presto Digital Bracelet for Nike is a simple, elegant watch made of custom polymer and inspired by eyewear. Functioning as both timepiece and bracelet, it became an instant classic, selling over four million units in less than three years. Wilson’s Lunaire Dinner Tray is a modern interpretation of a TV dinner tray, intended for “the bachelor” who wants to be sophisticated while expending as little effort as possible. With its integrated wells and candleholder for cheap romance, the Lunaire can easily be thrown in the dishwasher so the bachelor can focus on his real needs.

Wilson’s characteristic wit is much in evidence in iBelieve. Inspired by the world’s obsession with the iPod, iBelieve is a replacement cap and lanyard, or “Divine Accessory,” for the iPod Shuffle. When snapped onto a Shuffle, the cruciform shape lets consumers profess their devotion in fashion. Conceived as a tongue-in-cheek commentary on consumer culture, iBelieve took advantage of viral marketing techniques. Posted to a single blog, its Web site received 255,000 hits in one day. Wilson donated sales proceeds to St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Scott Wilson began wearing a new hat recently as a father of a young child. This led him to develop his own brand, OOBA, with several other young parents. Inspired by the streamlined simplicity of the furniture of the Eameses and other mid-century modernists, Wilson’s Nest Nursery pieces for OOBA elevate baby furniture to a much higher aesthetic, bringing the baby and adult worlds closer together.