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Nicholas Blechman

Designer, illustrator, and art director Nicholas Blechman talks about his books Empire and 100% Evil, which are graphic responses to American foreign policy after 9/11.

Steven and William Ladd

Brothers Steven and William Ladd discuss Terre du Lac, a miniature landscape that consists of 110 glass-beaded trees that pack away inside a city of exquisitely crafted boxes.

Chuck Hoberman

Inventor Chuck Hoberman explains the design and function of the rapidly deployable tent he designed with Johnson Outdoors. Created for use in military and emergency operations, this 500-square-foot structure deploys in about three minutes.

Marissa Mayer - Google

Marissa Mayer, Vice President of Search Products and User Experience at Google, discusses Google's unique design culture and the company's single-minded focus on driving the design process around the needs of users.

Charlie Lazor

Architect and designer Charlie Lazor talks about the ideas behind Flatpak House, a revolutionary pre-fabricated housing system which approaches architecture as a product that consumers can assemble and customize from a flexible kit of parts.

Chip Kidd

Graphic designer and writer Chip Kidd describes the thought process behind some of his most memorable book jackets, including his designs for Jay McInerney's novel The Good Life and August Burroughs's memoir Dry.

Abhinand Lath

Materials designer Abhinand Lath talks about Sensitile, a unique building material that responds to ambient light and shadow—without requiring any electronics or external light source.

Ron Gilad

Object designer Ron Gilad talks about products that serve as commentary on everyday life, including his chandelier made from readymade task lights and his Run Over By Car (R.O.B.C.) vases.

Paul Budnitz - Kidrobot

Paul Budnitz, founder and creative director of Kid Robot, talks about his company's limited-edition art toys, made in collaboration with some of the world's most influential artists, designers, and illustrators.

Michael Meredith

Architect Michael Meredith talks about how his objects, surfaces, and structures use computer-based rules and patterns to interact with the environment in organic, seemingly natural ways.

Natalie Jeremijenko

Artist and engineer Natalie Jeremijenko discusses her Feral Robotic Dog project, in which she works with students from elementary and high schools to convert commercial toy robots into pollution-sniffing environmental activists.

Tom Leader

Landscape architect Tom Leader describes a series of temporary and permanent landscapes that employ an intriguing mix of natural and industrial materials—from screen doors and bales of hay to shipping containers and welded-wire mesh.

Han Feng

Fashion designer and lifestyle designer Han Feng talks about her astonishing costumes for Madama Butterfly as well as her simple yet luxurious household objects made from ceramics and glass.

Jessica Smith

Textile and pattern designer Jessica Smith describes her dining room installation, where a visual conversation takes place between east and west, past and present, all conveyed through the pictorial ornamentation of chair covers and place settings.