Design USA: Contemporary Innovation


The Lifetime Achievement Award pays tribute to the extraordinary accomplishments of designers whose body of work has had a profound, long-term influence on design. Contemporary architecture, for example, cannot be understood without considering the buildings of Frank Gehry; and the field of interaction design would likely not exist without the pioneering efforts of Bill Moggridge. The same can be said for the impact of Milton Glaser’s graphic-design imagery since the 1960s, and the resonance of Dan Kiley’s work on the recent winners of the Landscape Design Award. Some of the works in this room have been selected because they anticipated discipline-changing transformations that have helped shape the past decade of design. As the opening section of the exhibition, the Lifetime Achievement Award winners convey a powerful message: Contemporary American design is an engine for innovation and change. Moreover, the designers throughout the exhibition can be seen as confirming and continuing—or challenging and refuting—the work shown in this gallery.