Design USA: Contemporary Innovation


Where does design come from, and how is that determined? As design often answers questions, designers are increasingly reaching out across disciplines and platforms, using methods appropriated from domains not directly related to conventional design. This enriches the field, fosters collaboration, and expands what constitutes design. Scott Stowell embraces an open notion of the term “office,” inviting different participants to every project he pursues. The global design consultancy IDEO employs a unique method of brainstorming—“the Deep Dive”—to respond creatively to challenges ranging from online banking to the delivery of immunization. Office dA has made research an integral part of its architectural practice, using, as an example, an interest in working within constraints to enlarge the scope as well as the efficiency and economy of build- ings. Similarly, SHoP Architects thinks of the architectural office as a laboratory, encouraging unique associations, alliances, and experiments to improve the way architecture is conceived and realized.