Design USA: Contemporary Innovation


Although much in current design can be attributed to innovations made decades ago, design in the past decade has been transformed in unprecedented ways by advances in new technologies, processes of fabrication, and methods of delivery. For example, the Internet’s capacity to disseminate information has allowed the work of to give voice to—and find global support for—individuals and organizations like the Innocence Project or Boost Up. Also featured in the Technology section is Perceptive Pixel, winner of the inaugural Interaction Design Award. Founded by Jeff Han in 2006, the firm created the multi-touch screen, which radically altered the way television broadcasters covered the 2008 presidential election. The Interaction Design Award, given for the innovative design of digital technology, recognizes a field that profoundly influences traditional design disciplines. The recent introduction of interactive surfaces in architecture, fashion, and product design is a harbinger of the way in which these new technologies will help us navigate the world.