“It was time for a change, Louise…”

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Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Carnegie

Ingo Maurer and his extraordinary team of designers and technicians have managed to dramatically transform the second floor of the Carnegie Mansion into a fiesta of lights and objects. But Maurer uses a sensitive touch while maintaining the original character of this grand domestic space. If anything, he has made it even more intimate and gemütlich, or cozy, covering part of Mrs. Carnegie’s bedroom walls with dazzling LED wallpaper that is echoed by the chandelier, One Thousand and One Lights. One can almost imagine Mr. Carnegie sitting in the chair in the corner of his bedroom pondering the central chandelier, A Memory of Shanghai, or Was it Cairo?, and the LED coffee table below it. As Mr. and Mrs. Carnegie’s portraits gaze down over the grand staircase, noticing the “new lights” in their house, I hope they like the view. I think the Mansion has never looked better.

Mrs. Carnegie Louise Carnegie’s bedroom

Mr. Carnegie Andrew Carnegie’s bedroom

Photos: Virginie Blachère


I live far a way from NY and I will not have the privilege to see the exhibition but I feel the need to express myself. I am a young designer fascinated with light. Your work, the way You treat and use the light is the most valuable lesson I could learn! Thank You Mr. Maurer for sharing Your dreams and making Your ideas alive!

Posted by: Ana Hrkač · Sep 21, 07:55 AM ·

your designs are unique giving viewer a peace of mind

Posted by: kalpita tak · Sep 26, 04:58 AM ·

What a wonderful exhibit. Aside from the beautiful work, I enjoyed the videos of him and his team working Mr. Maurer projected a sense of joy in creating his work.

Posted by: Karen Kinney · Sep 29, 10:07 AM ·

Because of this exhibition the new Smarter Toddler Preschool opening early 2008 will be installing an Ingo Maurer “Birds Birds Birds” chandelier! I can’t wait to see it installed!

Posted by: Jessica Collins · Oct 1, 07:25 AM ·

The talking portraits are absolutely awesome. I wish there was a video online!

Posted by: Mehak · Oct 12, 12:51 AM ·

I love your beautiful creations of light,which i first saw in the NYTimes Magazine. I long to see them in ALL THEIR LIGHT.

Posted by: lysbeth andrews · Oct 17, 02:41 PM ·

I appreciate what you and youre team are doing. Ithink there is plenty of room to move . Am developing ideas. Lighting need not be an incandescant bulb! cheers

Posted by: john latell · Oct 18, 10:24 PM ·

As I walked up the staircase to this exhibit, I burst out laughing! A good sign. Marvelous pieces, and such whimsy. I would never have thought I’d covet a chandelier made up of smashed china ware, but I do! Thank you for introducing me to this marvelous designer.

Posted by: Joan Pantsios · Oct 22, 09:54 PM ·

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