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_Natural Capitalism: Creating the Next Industrial Revolution_ by Amory Lovins, Paul Hawken, and L. Hunter Lovins (New York: Little Brown & Co., 1999). Photo: Judy Hill Lovins


The three main criteria for the jury are excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life. What do you think?

Visitor comments

  1. Amory came into my field of view in 2000, after listerning to him at a public meeting in Newcastle, Austraila.

    I traveled the world, Havard, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, Arcam, CAT, ect … and ended up at RMI to see the bananas growing inside his house.
    I to salute his efforts to change the mind set of the world to a better possable future !!!!!!??

    — Tony Mckrell · Apr 30, 07:51 PM

  2. I have been a fan of Amory Lovins since he founded the Rocky Mountain Institute in 1979. I have been a promoter of his ideas and materials in the science classroom and in social and political circles. In 2000, I declared him to be one of the top 10 most important people of the twentieth century. Hurray for some long overdue recognition.

    — James Servais · Apr 30, 09:27 PM

  3. Amory Lovins is cutting
    edge everything to do
    with progress in our

    — JOHN LOVINS · Apr 30, 10:04 PM

  4. Congrats, Amory. Enjoyed your spot on PBS Car of the Future with Click (or was it Clack?). Time there at RMI still sticks in my mind as who I am. Warmest Regards, Tim “Bender” Roorda

    — Tim Roorda · Apr 30, 10:47 PM

  5. Those of us who have admired your work for so many years have celebrated your innovation and clarity with great enthusiam. How wonderful now that your many gifts to us all are recognized in this way! How perfect. How capital, naturally.

    — Mary Harding · May 1, 12:15 AM

  6. Congratulations, Amory. You have been my hero since I saw the 1970’s video of you driving across Montana in your Volkswagen and commenting that if we can’t control the flow of drugs across our borders, how can we ever hope to control the flow of plutonium.

    Best wishes.

    — Roger Messenger · May 1, 08:07 AM

  7. Congratulations, Amory! I’m delighted that you’re finally getting the recognition you deserve. I recall your saying that people would do the right thing when other options had been exhausted— looks like that time is now. How wonderful that you’re leading the way!

    Catherine Henze,Ph.D.
    RMI Staff Member, 1990-91

    — Catherine Henze · May 1, 08:23 AM

  8. While working as a cub reporter for a small-town newspaper in Western Colorado in the early 1980s, I heard Amory and his wife speak. Unfortunately many of his warnings and recommendations were unheeded because, at the time, many people—especially President Reagan—were still being short-sighted. I hope this award gets him the attention of the U.S. Energy Department as it doles out funds from the economic stimulus package. America needs Lovins’ expertise in developing and implementing a sustaintable solution to our energy needs.

    — Joanne Wojcik · May 1, 09:45 AM

  9. Congratulations, Amory! Much deserved.

    After a few years on the sidelines writing, I’m getting back in the game I’ve missed. I’m planning a full-featured, interactive online magazine with the domain name and hope you will participate in the discourse.

    By the way, my brother, Eddie Marritz, was the cinematographer on Tom Friedman’s “Addicted to Oil,” in which you appeared, to great effect.

    — Robert Owen Marritz · May 1, 09:50 AM

  10. Amory B. Lovins has been an inspiration to all of us over the years. A fantastic choice.
    Sue Timberlake
    Cummington Wind

    — Susan Timberlake · May 1, 11:24 AM

  11. My mother introduced me to your creative, thoughtful, sensible ideas in the early 1980 when she moved to Colorado and attended some of your workshops. She took copious notes and shared them with me, and we tried to implement those that we could and share your ideas with others. Now I am an enthusiastic member of RMI and follow your thinking. Sadly so much time has been lost, but hopefully now we can all begin to live your sustainable ideas! Go Amory!

    — Margaret Blanke Henderson · May 1, 01:16 PM

  12. We must not forget great praise for the Bright Automotive spinoff and their 100MPG truck achievement. (a little sarcasm music please)

    — Jim Bullis · May 1, 05:32 PM

  13. How exciting to see the email from RMI today on Amory’s award. I am so incredibly honored to be on the nominating committee for the National Design Awards. Amory is one of the many talented people I was blessed to nominate for these awards, and couldn’t be more pleased that he has been chosen for this recognition. It is well deserved and long overdue. Amory should be the Fed’s Chief Sustainability Officer, and if anyone could get the auto companies on the right track, it’s Amory B. Lovins. Simply put, Amory, you’re the man.

    — Kimberly Phipps-Nichol · May 1, 06:35 PM

  14. Congratulations. I have followed your work for years, ever since you built the RMI headquarters earth structure in Colorado. Still my favorite home design. Well deserved honor.

    — Peter H. Brattstrom. Sr. · May 1, 08:01 PM

  15. Congratulations Amory!!! I’m so glad you get recognized for the amazing things you do!!!

    — Tricia Kendell · May 1, 08:12 PM

  16. Dear Amory,

    I knew as I laid-out and began digging that I was laying the foundation of something great but RMI has become so much more than a state-of-the-art building. It has exceeded my greatest expectations. I hope it has exceeded yours, too. The best is yet to come. Congratulations to you and all your dedicated staff. So it took ‘em all 33 years to come around. Hey, better late than never.

    — Laird Knight · May 1, 09:24 PM

  17. Amory Lovins has inspired me since 1982 when I saw and read about his office/home in Colorado. Amory is admired for his leadership in energy conservation and determination in the face of stiff headwinds against change.

    — William E Westerbeck · May 1, 09:46 PM

  18. (Your/our/RMI’s) many all-nighters driving wheels and turbines of innovation have nourished the fruit-bearing banana trees now beholden to the world’s recognition. Likewise, it will always be an honor to have worked by your side, sowing seeds of intellect and promise!

    — Ben Emerson · May 3, 10:03 PM

  19. Amory Lovins was first on my radar in the 80’s when he was building his home in Colorado. A very clever design and a pleasure for me to have had the opportunity to tour. He is an inspiring mind and this is a well deserved honor.

    — Mari' · May 4, 07:51 AM

  20. Good work, Amory! It’s positive news to hear that your words are being heard and noted in Washington.

    — Tara Miller · Jul 27, 05:44 PM

  21. Do all your accomplishments give you a sence of accomplishment? And do you feel that you are still very inovative?

    — Luis · Sep 21, 04:21 PM

  22. Amory and Judy,

    Well deserved. Congratulations.

    — Bill Slusser · Sep 22, 12:45 AM

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Amory B. Lovins

Amory B. Lovins, an American physicist and 1993 MacArthur Fellow, has been active at the nexus of energy, resources, environment, development and security in more than 50 countries for 40 years, including 14 years based in England. He is widely considered among the world’s leading authorities on energy—especially its efficient use and sustainable supply—and a fertile innovator in integrative design. He is the co-founder of Rocky Mountain Institute, an independent, entrepreneurial, nonprofit think-and-do tank. His uniquely influential and innovative work combines broad syntheses of new solutions to old problems with deep analyses of underlying technical and institutional issues. RMI’s clients have included The Clinton Foundation, Deutsche Bank, MGM Mirage and Wal-Mart.