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Compass computer for GRiD Systems. Palo Alto, CA, 1982. Photo: Don Fogg


The three main criteria for the jury are excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life. What do you think?

Visitor comments

  1. We couldn’t be more pleased. Congratulations, Bill.

    — Mark Vanderbeeken (Experientia) · Apr 30, 10:46 AM

  2. Bill is a gifted Designer whose insights and work have helped make the world a better place. Congratulations, Bill!!

    — Claudia Kotchka · May 4, 05:51 PM

  3. No doubt Bill is one of the very few of the great designers of our time, and such a nice person by the way !!!

    You deserve it Bill…

    — Luis Arturo Méndez Alba · May 13, 09:41 AM

  4. Bill Moggridge meets all three criteria in an extraordinary combination, because in addition to designing and innovating he stimulates others to learn, act and reflect freshly and wisely even when working in new messy frontiers. This is captured in his saying, you need to experience an experience to experience it. An inventive and mindful industrial-interaction designer entrepreneur… with big heart and ability to laugh and work with and for others. Congrats!

    — Birgit Helene Jevnaker, Oslo · May 15, 04:45 AM

  5. Besides all of the above, Bill is truly a great teacher! Congratulations!

    — Prowpannarai Tongliemnak · Jul 23, 09:39 AM

  6. Bill has given me the dream, to one day work on a beach with a tablet type laptop drawing up designs while being next to inspiration.

    — Luis · Sep 21, 05:43 PM

  7. Congratulations Sir Bill for the recognition. Still look at my Grid and smile.

    — Dave Green · Oct 21, 01:47 PM

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Bill Moggridge

Bill Moggridge is a co-founder of IDEO, a global design consultancy, creating impact through design. A Royal Designer for Industry, Moggridge designed the world’s first laptop computer. He pioneered interaction design and is one of the first people to integrate human factors into the design of software and hardware. He has been a trustee of the Design Museum; visiting professor in interaction design at the Royal College of Art in London, lecturer in Design at the London Business School and a member of the Steering Committee for the Interaction Design Institute in Ivrea, Italy. He is currently consulting associate professor in the design program at Stanford University. His book, DVD and Web site “Designing Interactions” tell the story of how interaction design is transforming our daily lives.