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Babel Blocks, 2007, ongoing. Photo: Davies + Starr


The three main criteria for the jury are excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life. What do you think?

Visitor comments

  1. Congratulations!

    — unicahome · May 7, 12:44 PM

  2. Blah, blah, blah… what a disappointment. This must be so ‘high brow’ it only appeals to the black turtle-neck crowd. So exclusionary to the masses and elitist. What’s the point of these items other than book-shelf trinkets? Are they some deep social commentary about religion in today’s social economic manufacturing tundra, crap I say. And don’t take this rant to be controversy and thought provoking because of the work… they are just crap in this venue. Sorry, but my opinion. Congrats on winning a fake award.

    — peabody555 · May 12, 04:38 PM

  3. Congratulations! Well deserved and inspirational.

    — William · May 14, 09:10 AM

  4. i agree with peabody555. more trinkets, less real content. sad but true. another “fake” award indeed.

    — melissa · May 20, 12:20 PM

  5. Congratulations on winning your award! I had the pleasure of meeting you both last week and you are absolutely lovely! Best of luck for all of your endeavors in the future!

    — Ava Marie · Jun 29, 10:23 AM

  6. Sadly in America, if a designer tries to be artful, then he is often labeled elitist (as above). As if ideas or art weren’t good for the masses?! The Boyms make work full of ideas, beauty, humor and authorship. How exciting to see our nation validate the more artful side of design! Bravo!

    — scott klinker · Jun 29, 05:53 PM

  7. wow! what did i miss? i guess everyone is entitled to their opinion. i like the these designs. the lines are clean. i don’t even have to know what the “trinkets” represent. i love it. call me boring or just call me high brow. great work!

    — brenda · Jul 16, 10:50 AM

  8. Elitist? Not everything is about the masses- or everyone would be out designing better toilet paper. Scratch the surface and there is a lot of substance here. Ironically the majority of the Boym’s production has been for mass consumption- $20 vases, $25 clocks, soap dishes, etc. Everything they do is driven by concept, however, and concept doesn’t always go over well with everyone. But Elitist? Check out the chair exhibition at Maison et Objet a few years ago and then decide if there is even an elitist bone in their body (of work).

    — Hugh Fogel · Jul 21, 08:38 PM

  9. Ridiculous! Did anybody notice that they are winning 2nd time in a row? They won the same award in 2008. Very ugly stuff. What a shame!

    — Yuliya · Oct 4, 07:42 PM

  10. trying to find dishes
    Smithsonian Institution
    Wallpaper Collections from Coope-Hewitt Museum of Design NYC made in Japan

    — Rosemary Dixon · Oct 23, 12:49 PM

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Boym Partners

Boym Partners is a New York-based design studio led by Constantin and Laurene Boym. Boym Partners brings a critical, experimental approach to a range of products that infuse humor and wit into the everyday. Frequently drawing from American iconography, it creates a variety of products and environments for an international roster of companies, including Alessi, Swatch, Flos and Vitra. They also create their own Boym Editions, sought after by many collectors around the world. Both Constantin and Laurene have taught at Parsons The New School for Design, where they influenced and inspired generations of young designers. Their work is included the permanent collections of many museums, including The Museum of Modern Art.