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Architectural review. Photo: Vincent Laforet.


The three main criteria for the jury are excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life. What do you think?

Visitor comments

  1. The applications are endless and the quality is outstanding. Truly a new computing eco-system. Congratulations!

    — Lisbeth Carter · Apr 30, 05:08 PM

  2. Congratulations Jeff and PP.

    Jeff and his works easily score high for the 3 main criteria of excellence, innovation and enhancement of the quality of life, so this award being given to him is very natural.

    — Harry van der Veen · May 2, 05:17 AM

  3. Phenomenal innovation!

    — Paul Lipman · May 5, 10:12 AM

  4. 15 years ago a computer professor friend said that human touch was the next barrier to conquer. Now if we could finger paint by dipping our fingers in the right color. Or maybe it’s already happened.

    — Veronica Stensby · May 5, 03:00 PM

  5. How do I buy stock in this company. I envision so many uses in condos, hotels, museums, homes and the future of communicating.

    — Donna Davidson · May 9, 01:24 PM

  6. Can we buy stock in any endeavor Jeff Han is a part of?

    — Rue Luttrell · Sep 13, 02:43 PM

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Perceptive Pixel, Inc.

Perceptive Pixel is dedicated to the research, development and deployment of multi-touch interfaces for the knowledge worker. Their systems enable both novice and expert users to manipulate complex datasets through a new class of intuitive yet powerful and visually rich interface techniques. The company was founded in 2006 by Jeff Han after he astonished attendees at that year’s TED conference with a live debut of the technology. Since then, Perceptive Pixel has rapidly proliferated by working with industry leaders to apply these novel interfaces to professional use cases in markets as diverse as business intelligence, medical imaging, energy exploration, industrial design, and collaboration. Most recently, Perceptive Pixel became renowned for completely transforming the way television broadcasters including CNN, Fox and ABC covered the historic 2008 Presidential elections.