Bicycle Ambulance and Bambulance
  • Bicycle Ambulance and Bambulance
  • Bicycle Ambulance and Bambulance

Bicycle Ambulance and Bambulance

Nominated by jennyef


Design for Development


ambulance, bicycle, development, bamboo


Emergency transportation for communities that rely on non-motorized transit. The designs keep the passenger safe and comfortable with an adjustable backrest and a suspended stretcher that absorbs bumps. Plus, they're affordable to developing communities, and are produced locally using local materials.

Comments (49)

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    1. book and wheel works
    2. Well Done! All along, the Bambulance has been a grass roots design inspiration and touchstone/reality check! Proud to be a choice alongside the inventive Bambulance!
    1. gerlmann
    2. cool! good luck!
    1. emily s
    2. Nice to see a design that wld really make a difference in peoples lives. Congrats!
    1. ShanNicola
    2. What good design should be. You've got my vote!
    1. nikid
    2. Thanks to everyone for your votes and support so far! And thanks to the C-H for the opportunity to show our work and to promote sustainable, social design.

      To learn more about the Bambulance Project, please visit us at
      You can also follow us on Twitter @designfordev

      If you're here before the 6pmEST deadline, please pass on the link to this voting page! (

      Thanks all -

      Niki & the Bambulance Team.
    1. UHaïdara
    2. very good idea, especially since those rural place often don't have fuel or engines for ambulances, nor the communication to call for assistance.
      Good luck!
    1. williambrokenman
    2. Simplicity rules!
    1. critter.ball
    2. sì! is a wonderfull project.
    1. denisef
    2. I love this design project. It's not shiny, but it saves lives. That's what good design should be all about...
    1. franlady
    2. This is the only one that doesn't look contrived. It is real.
    1. gypsyfred
    2. How many people's lives will be impacted in significant ways by this design?
    1. 1offmillions
    2. thanks for all the great feedback! this is a terrific way to spread the word about projects that can drastically improve the quality of life for so many people in under-served communities!

      thanks so much!
    1. j&h
    2. j&H&Z A project that works with people on there local level in the ways that they know how things work.
    1. NTRTN
    2. why didn't anyone think of this before? it's so obvious! excellent design.
    1. leona
    2. You really found a great niche through design thinking. Congrats to Bambulance!
    1. maria and george
    2. we love it!
      design for humanity!
    1. bluejerry
    2. this really looks like a sustainable, simply and well thought through design project.
      You got my vote!
    1. troy82
    2. so cool!
    1. fernando_mendes
    2. simply beautiful! could this also be a school bike-bus?
    1. nufee
    2. this is a great design.
    1. sgmharma
    2. very nice :)
    1. bellavita
    2. design to improve life! go get 'em!
    1. nathanprice
    2. the bambulance rocks!
    1. namib_bambi
    2. I've seen your designs in Namibia, amazingly simple and useful. So good to see that your excellent projects spreads throughout Africa!
    1. pauldonald
    2. good ideas are for everyone. I congratulate your open source design approach, amazing work! I want a bambulance for my kayak :)
    2. I would like this project to succeed and spread in Africa. We need design education in our communities.
    1. grützi
    2. Wunderbar! Such a simple, great idea - bamboo is so amazing.
      Greets from Switzerland!
    1. michigan13
    2. great stuff!
    1. alibaba
    2. simplicity saving lives, one design project that really matters
      Thumbs up
    1. ffbrown
    2. sweet! love the name.. bam bam bambulance!
    1. goldie
    2. my favorite project so far - design should always benefit humanity as much as the environment. Looking forward to seeing more design capacity addressing humanitarian issues!
    1. cjowen
    2. Design thinking right there! Amazing work. Who designed it?
    1. trocca
    2. I'm surprised I haven't seen this project in "DESIGN FOR THE OTHER 90%" at the Cooper-Hewitt. Great design!
    1. sandy.lang
    2. this project has so much potential and is sustainable in so many ways. I really hope you guys win to get the exposure this project deserves!
    1. thierry.mueller
    2. Love it! so simple and useful. Makes me want to be a designer :)
    1. jpcorreia
    2. I love the simplicity of this project and the effect it can have on whole communities. Great design doesn't always have to be shiny and expensive.
    1. marty
    2. Very good design and affordable! Well done
    1. smiles
    2. Simple is often the best design of all. This contraption, made totally out of local materials, could have many uses in addition to its primary purpose. Good luck! --Miles
    1. aliceofharry
    2. great simple idea
      well done
    2. Yes this is really new thinking design - showing that less can be more.

    1. nikid
    2. Thanks Zetterlund!

      If anyone would like to learn more about the project, please check out

      We're excited to be nominated - thanks for your support!
    1. Zetterlund
    2. This is great!

      Its really easy for uss rich folks up here to go "ooh! ahh!"
      over t-shirts and teacups.

      Heres finally something that relates to people that need good design the most, and has the least accsess to it.

      More stuff like that please :)
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