Dressed Up Cat Fashion Re-fashioned,

Dressed Up Cat Fashion Re-fashioned, "The Last Trophy Bag"

Nominated by Desertwmn9


Tracy Penwell, Dressed Up Cat "Fashion Re-Fashioned"


handbag, purse, recycle, recycled, green, found upcycled, wearable art, artsy, leather, elephant, fashion, green fashion, safari, jungle, style, art, social commentary


This design is important because it is symbolic on several levels: being of all recycled components, its "green"; the elephant head is appealing to animal lovers; the title is an appeal for animal conservation and compassion; the title is also a protest against mass market fashion and our over-the-top materialism; and finally, gray is so "in" for fall.

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    1. Bill
    2. The opposite of sophistication, but not in a bad way. I think it's the homemade, DIY, low tech quality that I respond to the most. But the description is what seals the deal for me.
    1. elvisdesign
    2. this is a really interesting piece and I am drawn to it visually, however as a vegan and animal lover, I am confused on how it appeals to animal compassion. leather is not compassionate at all, even when recycled, it is still the skin of an animal.
      ...but the design aesthetic is very interesting ad I love the composition.
    1. bmdmom
    2. This is one of the most stunning and creative designs! Ms. Penwell is genius.
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