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Eric Benson, Yvette Perullo, Jess Sand


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Re-nourish is a web resource dedicated to sustainability in Graphic Design. For a few years now, Professor Benson has been hard at work communicating the importance of the proper sourcing of paper, inks and other design related materials for the betterment of our environment.

It is great as both a primer to get up to speed on the issues at hand, and as a resource to refer to whenever you need to think about sustainability in the design process.

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    2. Eric Benson ftw..!!!
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    1. eelliot
    2. It would be highly illogical if this site does not win.
    1. madelinw
    2. as a student, this is also an extremely valuable resource. it's good to be able to start fresh with a knowledge of sustainable design and grow from there. I am excited for the future of design!
    1. kirppu
    2. Great job!
    1. MONLOCA
    2. What great ideas! Greener options are so essential in this day and age, these resources are invaluable.
    1. no.e
    2. Useful, conscientious, and oh so needed. An indispensable resource.
    1. suzmw
    2. Full of great, REAL information. Offers specific ideas and encourages intellectual exchange.
    1. Yvonne Gattineri
    2. WOW ! This should win hands down !!
    1. btoddch
    2. Re-Nourish is a wonderful source for sustainable graphic design! It is a truly invaluable.
    1. firebelly
    2. Re-nourish has been there from the beginning giving designers access to the tools + resources we're all searching for. Cheers to continued success!
    1. gaiagraphics
    2. Very useful site. Thanks to the Renourish crew for putting this out there!
    1. Kevin Durgin
    2. Finally a balance after working on the production side of green printing for the past 10 years their is a place for graphic designers to create sustanable concepts
    1. mondoj
    2. Thought provoking! Spot on!!
    1. designforglobalchange
    2. I've seen the origins of re-nourish back at UT Austin, and it's impressive that in 3 years it has come so far and become a source for the design community on everything sustainable. Kudos to Eric and his new collaborators.
    1. marogers
    2. Absolutely beautiful!
      Renews my faith in humanity to know you are working so hard at sustainable design.
    1. nourishtheplanet
    2. This is a group that is committed to green living and they live their convictions. Producing beautiful design should not come at the expense of the environment. Great site! Designers take note!
    1. roughstockjess
    2. Wow, I'm a little blown away by all the comments! Some additional details if anyone is interested:

      Our goal is to provide the graphic design industry with free, reliable, practical, and above all useful tools and information about sustainable design. The three of us are all working designers, and believe our industry is changing rapidly. Until now, there really hasn't been any single resource designers can use in their day-to-day studio practice - a lot of people have been talking about it, but there's been very little tangible action - so we figured we should build one.

      If you check out the site, be sure to explore it deeply: there's a great collection of case studies for inspiration, primers on greener print, digital and package design, and of course the searchable paper and printer databases, and the Project Calculator.

      The site is constantly growing and improving, so please don't hesitate to share your thoughts, either here or through the site.

      Thanks for the love!
    1. ramladi
    2. This site has always been awesome, now needs to be on everyone's dashboard. I'd like to see designers use their tools before speccing any project.
    1. Simone de Beauvoir
    2. A wise, pragmatic, creative approach. If Re-nourish's principles and practices can make their way into ALL professions, the planet will stand a chance of surviving and thriving.
    1. alrdesign
    2. An essential resource ever designer should know about!
    1. Yvonne Gattineri
    2. the best!
    1. Jordman!
    2. This is awesome, way to go. Love it.
    1. enginecapsarah
    2. This is fantastic -- I can't wait to share it with my coworkers!
    1. delineate
    2. What every designer needs in their arsenal of tools!
    2. so easy, a caveman could do it.
    1. thecoollawdesignguy
    2. Great stuff. Practical and easy to use.
    1. peterlwalls
    2. I really like all of the project tools. My favorite is the Greener Printers finder!
    2. Re-Nourish Rocks!
    1. Rita Daly
    2. One stop shopping for designers who care and want to make a professional sustanable difference.
    1. sahba
    2. Very comprehensive and absolutely awesome.
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