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Clear Magazine Tree-free

Nominated by tl1148


Magazine Design: Emin Kadi, Publisher/Creative Director, Cover Design: Stefan Sagmeister


clear, magazine, sagmeister, tree-free, paper-free, recycle, paperless, plastic, cover, emin kadi


The entire magazine contents are printed on recycled-reconstituted plastic, saving trees, CO2 with no loss of fidelity and amplified creative possibilities. Stefan Sagmeister's cover design complements the overall concept perfectly.

I look forward to walking in a forest preserved because other magazines followed Clear's lead.

Comments (11)

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    1. ggblum
    2. Great!!!!!!!
    1. francesco castellana
    2. Clear = essence of the " la dolce vita " Clear is Fine art
    1. hb1
    2. Finally recycled plastic! It's about time someone started using GREEN publishing techniques.
    1. kduffy8
    2. Smells good too!
    1. milagro
    2. This magazine is revolutionary. It is a leader of the next generation of media. I look forward to every issue as it changes. Finally a design magazine is designed!
    1. acarnick
    2. This was really a labor of love for the whole Clear team - thanks so much for supporting us!
    1. Charliebrown
    2. Love this magazine! It is a creative, educational and beautiful work of art. It is not often that you find this combination in one publication.
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