HUGGY (convertible arm chair)
  • HUGGY (convertible arm chair)
  • HUGGY (convertible arm chair)
  • HUGGY (convertible arm chair)
  • HUGGY (convertible arm chair)

HUGGY (convertible arm chair)

Nominated by zengangster


Brit Leissler for LAGO SpA.


beautiful, simple, functional, inspiring, convertible, emotional, warm,


It is a beautiful, simple and innovative design which manages to be incredibly functional, aesthetically pleasing and shows the conceptual skill and unique sense of style that is missing in much of modern design. Additionally, it has a very pleasing warmth, humanity and emotional content. All in all I just love this piece and the designer, Brit Leissler, should be congratulated for having come up with something so simple yet outstanding. The way this arm chair converts simply into a day/guest bed, side table and soft stool, is really quite inspiring and a wonderful contrast to the world of boys and their heartless, unemotional computer designs.

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    2. Fun and functional! Makes me smile...
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