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Nominated by arend


AnneMarie van Splunter


playground, children, wave, snake, imagination


Children love this area, they use it to play or relax, according to their own imagination.

Comments (8)

    1. studiovisit
    2. The center groove would collect grime and debris in a real park setting. Very inviting aesthetically!
    1. Angret Voorhaar
    2. Awesome where is this? I will take my child and book and relax. Looks stunning WOW.
    1. Stuberman
    2. Looks like fun.
    1. appear
    2. nice, who is the manufacturer?
    1. peter v
    2. I would like to focus on the sculptural qualities: the way
      the solid concrete seems to be fluid as if comes right out
      of a giant tooth paste tube. With the modular system it is
      possible to make a variety of forms in any length you wish.
      Monumental and playfull in the same time.
    1. frans lelie
    2. one of these timeless designs that actually invite kids - and parents - to hang out together and enjoy to be out in the open.
    1. connie d
    2. the fluent and elegant design is so very inviting for all kind of purposes, and not only for kids also me, as an adult, would like to stretch out and relax on this beauty!
    1. luma
    2. way cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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