LIFEPORT kidney transporter
  • LIFEPORT kidney transporter
  • LIFEPORT kidney transporter

LIFEPORT kidney transporter

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If this kidney transportation device was employed across America every person that needed a kidney could have a dramatically increased chance of getting one.

It's storage system allows kidneys to be harvested from donors who would not be eligible without it's technology. It's makes non heart beating donors viable for transplantation needs. (a big deal, kidneys have to be taken only from 'heart beating donors' using cold storage.
LIFEPORT allows those donors who's hearts have stopped beating to donate. it's perfusion system makes those kidneys healthy again)

It's active cooling allows kidneys to be transported over distances and times that are, for the moment, not possible....meaning someone from SanFrancisco could save the life of someone in new may even be possible to fly organs oversees......

design can solve social and health problems, this is a tangible an realistic example.

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    1. joeb32
    2. The technology behind this transporter is so good. This is going to help save a lot of lives. actos bladder cancer
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    1. oskarlandi
    2. The transporter is such a great idea. This is going to save a lot of lives in the future. You should be very proud of this work. It will help so many.
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    1. sas3D
    2. Thank you for the innovations of mind to hand to create the innovations in the health field; I had a kidney transplant August 07, 2009!
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