WellDone  Water is Life T-shirt
  • WellDone  Water is Life T-shirt
  • WellDone  Water is Life T-shirt
  • WellDone  Water is Life T-shirt
  • WellDone  Water is Life T-shirt

WellDone Water is Life T-shirt

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WellDone, James Buyayo


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Water is precious. From human beings to living creatures, ecological habitats to built environments, environmental processes to industrial enterprise, it sustains and fuels every life form and activity on the planet. Yet, our interaction with water on a daily basis, as individuals, businesses, and governments would drastically seem to indicate otherwise. It is mismanaged and misallocated, wasted and contaminated, undervalued and disregarded. Most tragically of all, its lack of availability and distribution threatens the livelihoods of nearly 1 billion people throughout the developing world. This t-shirt aims to generate dialogue and awareness about this issue.

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