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Lamp ooo!

Nominated by seedub


Sergio Mannino + Jan Habraken


lamp ooo!, lamp, light, product design, italian, dutch, sergio mannino, jan habraken, architecture, design, books


Great fusion of Italian architecture + Dutch design!

The ooo! lamp contains three 10 watts light bulbs in an era where compact fluorescent (CFL) lights are a must. This deliberate choice was made to let people think differently instead of following the "green" herd. These 3 light bulbs are a better choice for nature, even if too many out there are trying to convince you about the opposite. The energy to make the CFL bulbs and the energy to recycle it (when you do it and you don't let the mercury and the numerous microchips spill in the dumpster) are in no comparison to the energy it saves. Not talking about the danger of millions of lamps containing mercury and the health of the people in the factories that produce them. After all, we also all have to admit that the light of the standard bulb is far more pleasant than the new LED or CFL's.

Comments (9)

    1. Chrispy
    2. Way off base on the message.
      New CFL's and LED's have very beautiful light output today. And, even the DOE knows well enough that 150 year old incandescent technology powered with primarily coal burning power plants (present U.S. system) spews far more mercury into atmosphere and water sources than CFL's would ever do. In fact CFL"s keep out more mercury because they use so much less energy. For a MUCH better this with LED's ..The way it is designed now . .is archaic and unconscious IMHO.
    2. Elegant.
    1. gnorthrop
    2. An elegant lamp that combines expressive lines with retro, round bulbs.

    1. Luca
    2. Very striking and original!!
    1. cristina
    2. makes reading inviting
    1. Faithfull
    2. Beautiful!
    1. fondvulc
    2. Fascinating!!!
    1. inoxxx
    2. Beautiful
    1. solouno
    2. Very cool, hip design, versatile, easy to use.
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