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SimpleTech SimpleDrive

Nominated by oscardaniels96


Stuart Karten Design


external hard drives, computers, peripherals, hardware, electronics, storage, digital, sustainable, environmental, data


The SimpleDrive is an eco-friendly external hard drive that offers up to 1TB of digital plug-n-play storage for the home or office.
With a design that reduces size, material volume and part count, the SimpleDrive makes steps toward sustainability in an industry that has given little thought it the impact of its products.
The clamshell enclosure features a durable slide-fit construction, minimizing parts and assembly process. The same mold is used for top and bottom shells, minimizing the resources spent during production. Vents are incorporated directly into the plastic shells, created by gaps in their alignment. This functional design detail allows heat to escape, improving the efficiency of the drive.
Featuring a spare but elegant aesthetic, the drive has a softly undulating form and purity of materials that highlights the beauty of simplicity.
The SimpleTech SimpleDrive is also designed to simplify a userís digital experience. Blending in at the home or the office, the curving, continuous form visually takes the edge off of technology, creating a user-friendly design. The number of user interface points was reduced, as well, providing a simple USB port in the front and easily accessible power switch in the rear.

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