Bicycle Hitch-2
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  • Bicycle Hitch-2
  • Bicycle Hitch-2
  • Bicycle Hitch-2

Bicycle Hitch-2

Nominated by jdrulon


John David Rulon


bike rack,hitching post,bicycle parking,street furniture,street advertising


A new improved Bicycle Hitch-2 (inverted U bike rack) that offers the following features and advantages over the original design:

1. Bicycles are separated by enough space such that the pedals and handlebars do not interfere with each other

2. Bicycles can be secured in opposite or the same direction. The ends of the bicycles on each side of the hitching post align taking up less space and providing a neater appearance than the original Hitch-2.

3. The hitching post has separate and longer horizontal bars for each bicycle providing alternate locking locations and more space on which to rest the handlebars.

4. Optional high and low signs can be added in the space between the bikes providing a separation barrier. The lower sign could have the name, address etc of the sponsor of the bike rack (i.e. this person, business or group would pay for the rack and its installation in exchange for permanent advertising). The optional upper sign could be a mini-billboard which could be a source of revenue for the city. In some prominent locations this upper sign could be a back to back flat panel video screen possibly powered by a tubular photovoltaic collector integrated into the top frame of this sign. These video screens could be updated wirelessly.

5. This new hitching post is a more aesthetic and functional design with articulated joints and "feet". The hitching post with the signs has a somewhat anthropomorphic shape giving the appearance of a person walking holding sandwich board advertisements.

6. A street tree or flat cartoon-like cutouts of historic, famous or political figures could be located in the space between the bikes in lieu of the high and low signs.

7. Hitching posts can incorporate parking meters to reduce street clutter.

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