West Harlem Piers Park
  • West Harlem Piers Park
  • West Harlem Piers Park
  • West Harlem Piers Park
  • West Harlem Piers Park

West Harlem Piers Park

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W Architecture and Landscape Architecture


piers, river, landscape, community, waterfront, sustaninable, hudson, history, cove, bluff, linear, connection, diagonal


West Harlem Piers Park is the culmination of a 30 year struggle by the community to regain their waterfront. This point of access to the river, historically a natural cove between adjacent bluffs, and more recently an industrial port, had become a paved and fenced parking lot. The project creates a continuation of the Manhattan linear Greenway along the river and reconnects the residents to the water in a meaningful way.

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    1. manson0251
    2. Fabulous
    1. matthewhaas
    2. I'm a huge fan of the Hudson Greenway. I was thrilled when this section opened. It's a much better use of the space than an old parking lot.
    1. margo sawyer
    2. Great extention of Manhatten Greenway, a much needed facet to the depth of urban renewal and revitalisation of Harlem. May it inspire other, much needed, projects across the country.
    1. desmarc
    2. it makes me happy - what better measure of good design?
    1. John Reddick
    2. I'm a Harlem resident and someone who greatly values the educational benefits true commmunity engaged design can provide both community residents and desigh professionals toward advancing and achieving successful design enhancement of public space. Having been aparticipated and somene long aware of the years of community and design efforts behind this project, its greatly rewarding to see that hard work intelligently reflected in the beauty, comfort and success of the completed park.

    1. Melissa Cole
    2. A wonderful place where design unites water, flora, and open space providing an urban respite for readers and runners alike.
    1. erikeith
    2. This is a great park on numerous levels. It combines sensitive and artful design, utilitarian form and function, and the rhyme and reason of what good can result from collaboration between community-based initiatives and public agencies.
    1. portcitysally
    2. It's a beautiful park- always busy! I can hardly believe it used to be Fairway's parking lot. What an incredible transformation!
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