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Nominated by krdclay




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A hand crafted iPad case that almost makes it worth buying an iPad even though it does not have a camera.

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    1. janwardjh
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    1. waqashbo
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    1. Salim
    2. One of the best products I've seen.... Great combination of functionality, form factor and emotional connection. My favorite!
    1. chiefted
    2. Have nothing but great things to say about my Dodo Case. Fantastic customer service. I had one small issue with one
      of my corner bumpers coming off, and Dodocase sent me a replacement set, no questions asked.

      I love it so much that when they added more color choices for the inside cloth, I ordered a second one.
    1. Rob1
    2. Awesome to see the DODOcase up for the award. Besides looking great, it just feels right when carrying.
    1. jbruynell
    2. As a designer, I love the elegance of this product. I've had one since I first got my iPad in May and have used it everyday since. The bamboo tray is an elegant way to hold the iPad that compliments the traditional book bound book. This product has my vote.
    1. VictorVonD
    2. Totally agree with @Zowie. Portenzo is much a better engineered product. Not just the corners, but the whole thing. Portenzo takes the extra steps where DODO cut corners to save cost or mass produce. Look at the two side by side, there is no comparison. I certainly can't vote for a DODO case that has such a high failure rate when there is clearly a better product in the Portenzo.
    1. judithregan
    2. I love the idea that the art of traditional bookbinding has been 'saved from extinction' to house (beautifully and elegantly) the ultimate modern gadget, the i-pad. DODOcase provides stunning function with a well engineered and impeccable design A+++. A true achievement.
    1. J Ryan Horan
    2. Beautiful case, elegant design, simple straightforward and classic.
    1. sbelsky
    2. I love the design, mission, and functionality of this product. A holistic achievement in my opinion, and certainly worthy of this award. -s
    1. zowie
    2. I'm profoundly ambivalent about this product. It is nifty, and was the first of the Moleskine-style cases on the market. It really improves the look-and-feel of the iPad. But early workmanship/QA issues and poor design take the shine off the product. Early cases contained frames made of interesting-looking bamboo plywood, which tended to warp [The current generation uses a constructed bamboo frame, which may hold up better]. The nifty "bookplate" sticker in the cases is an Avery removable decal that has been inkjet printed and tends to run on first exposure to moisture (so, e.g., you can't wipe out the inside of your case with a damp cloth). The early corner pads were open-cell foam, which tended to age and loosen rapidly. The current corner pads are a tacky elastomer that looks good for the first 2-3 days of use but tends to distort and peel as soon as a week after insertion of the iPad. The glue that holds the whole thing together is not particularly strong, and there have been complaints that the elastic strap can pull out of the cover.

      So, 10 out of 10 for "product concept design" but 2 out of 10 for "product engineering design".

      If I were buying a book case now I'd buy a Portenzo -- though they were later to market, they appear to have solved the engineering issues.
    1. MasterRanger
    2. This case is pretty, untill you open it up. Then you see the rubber corner things they use to keep it squeezed into the frame are not very well designed or anchored. Two months into ownership and it's warped and will nearly let the iPad pop out.

      There are many far better products.
    1. MooNx02
    2. I normally wouldn't go out of my way to register and vote for something, but I felt that the DODOCase was an exception.
      The DODOcase is by far the best case I seen/owned to date. Everything is so beautifully/precisely made and the customer support is outstanding. They even went out of their way to send me some extra rubber corners and Name Tag Sticker for my case for free when I asked over Facebook.
      Everyone that purchased one only has great things to say about it.
    1. krdclay
    2. @DODOcraig - it is my pleasure to nominate an object made with such great design and craftsmanship. I have to give some credit to Kevin Rose for mentioning your great product on an episode of Diggnation several months ago. I don't have an iPad yet (saving my money for the next gen version with a camera), but once that comes out I am definitely getting one of your cases. I have enjoyed seeing your product via several friends who own your DODOcase. Good luck in the voting!
    1. Rbehennah
    2. Fantastic product! Great quality and great service. I may have been the first Singapore owner of a Dodo case but there will be many more - it has very many admirers.
    1. joeszabo
    2. Proud to be among the first Canadian owners of the DODO. I bought my case before the iPad.
    1. downbytheriver
    2. This case is for anyone with class. Love it!
    1. Michaelromm
    2. The intellectual's choice.
    1. wyorox
    2. It is a conversation starter. Quality work that works. I am Dodo for my Dodoase! If it was a book it would be a pager turner.
    1. foxymary
    2. Piling on here. Don't really want an iPad, just the case :) Hoping for a Kindle one!!
    1. Dethe
    2. I love my DODOcase, and I think it gets more favourable comments than my iPad itself. I feel good reading on the bus, holding it like a book.
    1. DODOcraig
    2. @krdclay - Thanks so much for nominating DODOcase for this design award. We are very proud of the product and the artisans that help us make it each day in San Francisco.
    1. prbuckley
    2. A product that brings the emotion and feel of a book to tablets. This is the iPad case for bibliophiles.
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