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Nominated by Ellen Lupton


Zip Car Team


design system, car, transportation, sustainability


Zip Car is a system, not a product. It is an innovative way to share resources, save energy, and get people where they want to go. Instead of owning their own cars, Zip Car members get to use a car whenever they want it, at a low cost, and let someone else use it when they are done.

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    1. perima
    2. My step daughters and their friends make use of this system in Germany for years. They always wondered why it wasn't utilized here. Finally it is!
    1. belonax
    2. Zip Car's system works within existing cultural needs (auto transportation) while simultaneously questioning age-old comforts (car ownership and driving time). Sharing is a big part of our future. Whether it's information (Facebook, Twitter) or our homes (AirBnB), sharing is a cultural trend on the rise. Bravo to Zip Car for a job well done.
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