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Nominated by Chris11


Christian Knopf


corporate design, packaging, chocolate, ecommerce, website, branding


It is proven that chocolate stimulates the production of some hormones which are responsible for pleasant feelings. "" should make chocolate addicts very, very happy. It is an onlineshop providing the connoisseur with the finest that European sweemeat shops are able to manufacture. The corporate design pleases the eye as excellent as the shop thrills the tongue. The style reminds of traditional craftsmanship from the 20s and gives an impression of the superb quality of the goods. Since men and women favour different styles, a sex-specific design was invented: floral femal and humboldtous male.

Comments (3)

    1. TwoDeSign
    2. aha! powerful marketing tool, eh?
    1. LaBellaCitta
    2. Also me! I'll have to bookmark this website! :-P
    1. edeans7
    2. I for one am addicted to chocolate and must have it on a daily basis. This is great. The packaging design is very industriral-contemporary which I love.
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