Sticker wallpaper
  • Sticker wallpaper
  • Sticker wallpaper
  • Sticker wallpaper
  • Sticker wallpaper

Sticker wallpaper

Nominated by FrannyG


Payton Cosell Turner


sticker, wallpaper, art, artist, kitsch, design, home, wallcovering, paper, stickers, flat vernacular


This is such an innovative, unique way of approaching wallpaper design. It's a beautiful balance between humor and excellent design, design and fine art, plus an interesting reference to American culture. I have never ever seen anything like it: that is essentially why this design is important to me. It feels original and full of life.

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    1. haruki
    2. intriguing.
    1. TwoDeSign
    2. I know many who would appreciate this!
    1. edeans7
    2. How interesting!
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