The Chamomile Tea Party posters
  • The Chamomile Tea Party posters
  • The Chamomile Tea Party posters
  • The Chamomile Tea Party posters
  • The Chamomile Tea Party posters

The Chamomile Tea Party posters

Nominated by Jchampagne


Jeff Gates


poster, politics, response, propaganda, culture


Great design is a powerful tool. We all know this. But when combined with a unique voice it should be recognized and the People's Design Award is just the venue to showcase this work. The Chamomile Tea Party posters by Jeff Gates have already galvanized many to consider the impact of the Tea Party and the rancor that is prevalent in American political discourse. A remix of World War II-era propaganda posters, these designs are not only smart, unique and contagious, they are a shining example of design as political response in a complex time. It moves people. See the entire series of posters at

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    1. awarapaktr
    2. This is so cool. I am such a huge fan of their work. I really am impressed with how much you have worked to make this website so enjoyable
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    1. perima
    2. Love the posters! They should be plastered all over the country!!
    1. jbruynell
    2. Nice poster!
    1. TwoDeSign
    2. Right on JChampagne, I really like your speech regarding these posters!
    1. paddler69
    2. The beauty of these posters is how they can force the viewer out of the current angry debate and into more self-reflection. Of course hyper-partisan viewers of the poster will see only what they want to see but they aren't really the target. The mythical "center", really those who for one reason or another feel unrepresented in the current debates, are the real target for these posters.
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