Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)
  • Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)
  • Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Sustainable Health Enterprises (SHE)

Nominated by Drenttel


Elizabeth Scharpf


social enterprise, africa, menstruation, girls,


SHE moves into unspoken territory: the problem of girls staying in school and young women keeping job, all because of the stigma of menstruation, exacerbated by the lack of adequate, affordable sanitary devices. SHE’s goal is to tackle this taboo in a multi-faceted, “quilt-like” approach involving advocacy and education, as well as the promotion of a local business model based on the sustainably designed pad.

Comments (5)

    1. Laurie
    2. You can view the powerful SHE campaign video on YouTube at:

      It made me change my vote!
    1. joe sixpack
    2. Just saw Elizabeth Scharf at the Why Design Now? conference and she played a video that is extraordinary and clearly explains why this is a design problem that requires design thinking to solve it.
    1. edeans7
    2. Right, but where is the design?
    1. laurelbennett
    2. I think this is an excellent design and project; much effort has been put into it not only to develop an affordable, effective, and sustainable product, but to implement a business model that will not only tackle the taboo issue of menstruation but create jobs for women at the same time. While many of the other nominations may make some of the luxuries of life for the developed world a little more luxurious, this one is actually going to positively change the lives of millions of women in third world countries.
    1. barbaraglickstein
    2. As a public health and global women's activist this is a fabulous and much needed design that addresses many of the issues faced by young girls and women. I vote strongly for this one to win!
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