The Plywood School
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The Plywood School

Nominated by bl1nda


SystemArchitects, New York City


architecture, innovation, plywood, schools, new guinea, kokoda, technology, diy, humanity, gorgeousness


This proposed school represents a whole new thinking about construction, in which the building process is made so simple local people can construct the school themselves with a little supervision. Put together from a kit of pieces of numbered pre-cut plywood, it's beautiful, low-cost, sustainable and will change the lives of the people who make it. The design of the school, for a remote and inaccessible jungle village, uses advances in digital design in the way they should be used—to make really difficult laborious things much easier. Lastly, the school's design is infinitely customizable, it could be used in Haiti, New Orleans or anywhere that labor is plentiful, but money and equipment are scarce. It's a model for design for humanity.

Comments (2)

    1. bl1nda
    2. The description doesn't really do this project justice. The whole school is made out of pieces of plywood that are numbered and fit together like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle. So it can be built by anyone with willing hands, old-school barn-raising style. Because the plywood pieces have been plotted by a computer, they can be cut by a laser or milling machine with hair-breadth precision. Very cool.
    1. TwoDeSign
    2. Way to go Architects as humanists!
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