Braille Alphabet Bracelet

Braille Alphabet Bracelet

Nominated by Ligonture


Leslie A. Ligon


braille, braille literacy, alphabet, jewelry, bracelet, sterling silver, hand-crafted, tactile


The design of this bracelet combines beautiful jewelry design and the braille alphabet to help spread the need for Braille literacy. Unemployment among individuals who are blind hovers at about 70%, but of those individuals who are employed 95% read braille. At a time when only about 10% of the blind population currently reads Braille, this bracelet is a reminder of the importance of Braille literacy. A percentage of the profits from the sale of her Braille jewelry are donated to organizations that promote Braille literacy.

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    1. hanly1
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    1. Ligonture
    2. If you are interested in ordering one of these bracelets, or want to look at other pieces of her braille jewelry, you can go to
    1. rebecca_cagle
    2. I have given several of these pieces as gifts to speakers and the reception and appreciation has been tremendous! Beautiful pieces and promotes braille literacy!
    1. Pchroeder
    2. Braille is a wonderfully functional tool, but it is also elegant, and cool. This design shows off all of these aspects of this terrific form of writing.
    1. gretta
    2. beautiful! I want one!!
    1. peggy hackett
    2. That is way too cool!!!
    1. Cadence
    2. Such a cool idea!
    1. Detra
    2. I bought one of these years ago. It is still beautiful and holding up very well. It's elegant and durable.
    1. MichaelThallium
    2. Thank you.
    1. dmguzik
    2. definitely interested :)

      need a clasp that can withstand me ;) once I put a piece of jewelry on it's a permanent fixture on me. I need a clasp that is sturdy. gemstone is a nice option if it can withstand the elements I put it through. if you have a sterling silver clasp sans gemstone that would work as well...

      let me know what you think
    1. amyh
    2. such a great idea and design. wonderful!
    1. Braillestone
    2. Jonathan, what a lovely thing to have written; my heartfelt thanks to you, indeed.

      DM, funny you should ask! I do have it in sterling silver with your choice of about six gemstone clasps. Sterling with a simple, pearl clasp is the one I wear every day, and is probably most people's choice.
      I look forward to hearing from you again!
    1. jdonehoo
    2. There is a wonderful and heartfelt quiet elegance to this piece. It speaks volumes. Very nice indeed.
    1. dmguzik
    2. one more thing...

      curious if you will offer these in sterling silver?
    1. Braillestone
    2. Wowsers! Thanks so much y'all! DM, you can go to to order one. I'm happy to send one your way!
      @Debwinter: I'm happy to hear you really did fall in love with it At First Sight ;-D
    1. marief
    2. Beautiful, and a truly inspired work of art!
    1. dmguzik
    2. posted this to my FB page...

      great concept...

      all the best for such a creative and innovative idea :)
    1. dmguzik
    2. how can I purchase one of these?
    1. debwinter
    2. I LOVE my bracelet! Good luck Leslie!
    1. nattym07
    2. Good luck Leslie! I'll definitely be sharing this with as many people as I can.
    1. choreog
    2. What a beautiful way to bring attention to such an important cause.
      thank you for speaking for so many
    1. rayabhishek
    2. Great Work Leslie...
    1. Braillestone
    2. Thanks very much for the nice comments and support; I really appreciate it all!
    1. mfalsetta
    2. marvelous! thanks Leslie!
    1. Robert Milnes
    2. Creative and beautiful!
    1. AvaMom
    2. Beautiful!
    1. Ligonture
    2. You are welcome. If you want to see more of her beautiful work or learn more about Braille literacy, you can go to her blog (
    1. LaBellaCitta
    2. Thanks for sharing!
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