Obama Joker Poster

Obama Joker Poster

Nominated by piet+modern


Firas Alkhateeb


politics, propaganda, appropriation, obama, tea party, poster,


Dramatically describes the Obama Presidency and what it has come to mean for an emerging political movement (in the tradition of the Che Guevara and Shepard Fairey posters)... using appropriation and guerilla-marketing thought the sole prerogative of the elitist Left. And most ironically, it was designed by a liberal-leaning Palestinian student at University of Chicago.

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    1. tabost
    2. This design really doesn't make too much sense. Obama is shown as a joker here but how is the joker related to socialism? The joker is a movie character that ran around bothering Batman. I guess I don't see the correlation between that character and what this design is supposed to represent... Socialism would be better represented by something that actually symbolizes it. Also, it just feels aesthetically unbalanced.

      I believe that design can be used to make political statements, but this is just a jab at Obama without being a good design.

    1. NYLolo
    2. This poster is incendiary racist propaganda from a radical hate mongering perspective. With all the great design in this competition - brilliant ideas, innovations that help, and heal, and are beautiful- that this stupid poster was nominated is a travesty. It's bad design, pure and simple. Provocative, yes, and very ugly. Good design isn't ugly.
    1. justinstephens
    2. He is a puppet, a fraud and seems to still be deceiving masses. Do the research, and do not follow what you are told on TV.

      Great design!
    1. sevenstars7
    2. A LOT of people in America do not think this way. A lot of people in America realize that he is doing the best he can in a bad situation.
    1. vegasheat101
    2. I think it's wonderful how some artists can strip away the facade and show what is really underneath. This shows the true Joker underneath. Socialist maybe, Communist probably, America hater for sure.
    1. dog
    2. It's an exceptional political statement, with multi-layered meanings and pop-culture touchstones.
    1. Preston S. Jones
    2. Yes, by university students.
      He is perceived much worse by the rest of America.
    1. GLarry
    2. He promissed we could keep our healthcare and our Doctor. He Lied.
      He Spent $850 Billion in "stimulous" money and still managed to lose 4 Million jobs.
      He took over GM, Chrysler, AIG, Student Loans, Countless Banks, and Healthcare. So YES! He is both a Joker and a Socialist. If you don't believe me, read the election results, Wednesday Nov. 3rd.
    1. TwoDeSign
    2. Is Obama really perceived like this? I greatly disagree with this overzealous student!
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