ModKat Litter Box
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  • ModKat Litter Box
  • ModKat Litter Box
  • ModKat Litter Box

ModKat Litter Box

Nominated by Rich W




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The cat litter box design has been ignored for way too long.

Say hello to ModKat. The world’s smartest looking, most functional cat litter box.

The ModKat Litter Box was thoughtfully designed to solve many of the problems that cat owners have when using the standard litter box. ModKat embraces form as well as function, works with your décor and provides an unparalleled experience for your cat.

Where modern cats do their business.

Comments (5)

    1. Toshi Fukaya
    2. My cat & I love it! Aesthetically pleasing and very practical!
      If Apple designs a litter box, this would be it!!
    1. qifengliang
    2. Brilliant design. I own one of these, this thing really is one of the best purchases I have made in awhile, the litter tracking is a non issue for me now and the cats took to it right away.
    1. Yoda2
    2. Very cool product - now I don't have to hide my cat's litter box.
    1. MeLlamoDiseño
    2. Cool kitty!
    1. edeans7
    2. This is really great! Thanks for providing the link! There is nothing worse than seeing an unsightly litter box in someone's home and moreover a litter box that isn't clean! Great nomination!
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