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Nominated by EmDub


David Weeks Studio (designer); Areaware (manufacturer)


toy, robot, japanese, wood, puzzle


Go into any toy store today and you'll find no end of poorly made plastic playthings. The Cubebot, inspired by classic children's robot toys and Japanese Shinto Kumi-ki puzzles, proves that less can be much, much more. Made of sturdy hardwood, the Cubebot transforms from an unassuming cube into a fully articulated robot, with elastic "muscles" that allow for endless posing. It is both a beautiful design object and an endlessly entertaining toy, artfully straddling the adult–kid divide.

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    1. Lianne Gold
    2. I got mine in..
      It's too cool not to win!
    1. smallwonders
    2. beautiful workmanship and great for an artist to use, as well!
    1. Gigi2000
    2. Is *love* too strong a word for this little guy? No. Definitely not. I LOVE him. So fun and expressive and a proper challenge to put back together again.
    1. MeLlamoDiseño
    2. Does this make more than robots? I guess thats what the kids are into!
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