Experimental Democracy Console

Experimental Democracy Console

Nominated by NickyM


Nick Mahony and Andre Vock


democracy, public participation, experimentation, popular culture


Contemporary popular democratic cultures are in flux. Democratic experiments are proliferating. This site offers a way of engaging with these developments.

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    1. NickyM
    2. Have a go yourself by going to: http://www.open.ac.uk/socialsciences/experimental-democracy/
      Basically, it is a repository of examples of different kinds of contemporary democratic experiments, the interface encourages users to explore and think about them in different ways. The sites USP is that it brings different kinds of experiments into relation with one another in way that isn't usually done. So it's really for those who are interested in those who are interested in how this field is developing and a resource for those interested in designing new experiments.
    1. TwoDeSign
    2. Could you exemplify how this would be used? This is a bit obscure.
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