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Apron Guides

Nominated by JohnCaswell


John Caswell for Suck UK


cooking, useful, kitchen, cotton, charts, guides, simple


Sometimes it's the simple ideas that prove to be the most useful. An apron stuffed full with all the information you'll ever need in the kitchen.

Comments (4)

    1. judith22
    2. I want this for Christmas!
    1. lucesunshine1
    2. Oh yeah I like THAT !
      Design= 1
      Practicality= 1
    1. meepbobeep
    2. Something I tell others w/ computer work -- documentation @ point of need. Very good idea.
    1. JohnSoane
    2. Very utilitarian, this would be a great gift. I love how this is printed upside down so that you can bring it up towards you to read.
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