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Nominated by WM


Crystal Chou


window installation, art, product design, luxury


This window installation located in San Francisco is an interesting commentary on the luxury fashion industry and its recurring trends of celebrity endorsements, excess bling, blatant logos, and over marketed goods.
The pop-up window installation promotes a satirical catalog of products that provide customers with a toolkit for instant luxury branding success intended to draw attention to the branding mystique and marketing gimmicks that currently make luxury luxurious.

Comments (4)

    2. I love my luxury goods, but I have to agree. Those evil marketing masterminds make my ktown cowboy boots shake.
    1. jachou
    2. That is some sweet sweet satire. Loving it.
    1. bruinfan
    2. The piece was very creative.
    1. BRASKO
    2. WOW. JUST WOW.
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