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Smile Stool

Nominated by fitorio


Fitorio Leksono & Adisty Kanastari


stool, wood, ecodesign, ecofriendly


Smile Stool is a melting point between contemporary design and Indonesian craftsmanship. Breaking the reality that wood bent technology is not widely available in Indonesia, we are using a new approach to overcome that barrier.

Using waste material from wood furniture industry with embedded rod metal construction, we resulted in a wood bent shape and unconventional wood grain direction.

In unison to the name, we hope that this stool will attract smile to us. From the eco-friendly process, use of materials, and the new contemporary approach to traditional craftsmanship.

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    1. fitorio
    2. Thank you for all of the votes and supports.

      @purwono the maestro: thanks for the info,but I'm sure that the technology (even after being researched for more than 10 years) is still quite expensive and impossible for small manufacturer to have it.

      This technique come up as a solution to use wood waste of the furniture industry. Also, I use a single rod steel inside of the whole wood structure, with a "satay" look-alike technique, so I'm quite sure about the strength, and if you feel it's not natural, it depends from which point of view that you take, since I treat the wood as a wood, and the steel as a steel, I just combined them and use each strengthness factor.

      and FYI: the kidney shape isn't a side panel to enforce the structure, it's just a drawer.

      Above all, thanks so much for the feedback.
      I do appreciate it.If you want to know about the process further please feel free to go to
    1. alvinaja
    2. i vote you
    1. purwono-maestro
    2. FYI; actually bentwood technology has been developed in Indonesia since many years ago (i think more than 10 years), but manufacturers mostly exporting those kind of products to overseas e.g. japan and usa in cheap prices. however, smile stool has a unique shape.
      you can produce this shape in BENTWOOD method by laminating several layers of 3 mm sliced wood - instead of joining many pieces of solid woods that overcome the weak structure on the articulation (join) between pedestal and side rails - that you finally must enforce it with metal?. it feels not natural. and by using bentwood method, you don't need side panel (kidney shape - inserted in).
    1. Ida Laksmono
    2. simple design
    1. J&D design
    2. nice envirofriendly
    1. maltje
    2. sae
    1. rainamaya
    2. : ) nice, good luck guys!
    1. Lana
    2. U go my vote!
    1. Anwar
    2. good job...
    1. shanafatina
    2. ahey great job!
    1. radityaabi
    2. niiicceeeeeeee
    1. agnesvitra
    2. :)
    1. Iqbalmusthafa
    2. ahey.. ;)
    1. luckymuftie
    2. Two thumbs up!! Carry on the work.
    1. ibrahimamirhasan
    2. mantab!!
    1. Bink23
    2. u got my vote kek
    1. andit
    2. sweet combination
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