The Omhu Cane
  • The Omhu Cane
  • The Omhu Cane
  • The Omhu Cane
  • The Omhu Cane

The Omhu Cane

Nominated by susy


Allen Zadeh with Rie Norregaard


cane, scandinavian, mobility, joyful, performance


The Omhu Cane is a walking stick with attitude. Inspired by Scandinavian furniture, bicycles, hockey sticks and skateboards, the joyful design brings style and performance to mobility aids. The generous birch handle is easy to hold and doesn't slip when leaned against a wall. The wood is hand-finished with Livos oil, an all-natural, non-toxic plant-based finish. The light-weight aluminum shaft is finished in American bicycle paint. A patent-pending tip provides the cushioning and traction found in high performance athletic shoes.
The Omhu Cane can be disassembled and recycled.

Comments (64)

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    1. Pacato
    2. Those canes make my legs wanna break.
      great job korbs! also the stallers!
      Oh yeah.
      thanks a million,
      DJ CVL!
    1. Wooo
    2. I love it~
    1. maura gomez
    2. Love them!
    1. bert93
    2. nice idea=nice cane
    1. Gmiles
    2. This is really cool... Getting old may be cool after all. George
    1. debra.de0
    2. fab, love the options!!!
    1. sooperman
    2. stiylish, super hip grannies
      santa's going to be happy this year
    1. gelkus
    2. just another wonderful example of your endless and innovative imagination. Every "senior wannabe" should have one!!
    1. C.A. Dooley
    2. I Love it!! Something very reassuring about it.
    1. janesack
    2. Sleek and cool, why not!!!
    1. Jake-White
    2. Brilliant idea! great design.
    1. wolfmanoncape
    2. Dont need one yet, but when I do its the cane for me.
    1. schtee
    2. Ready to shuffle off to Buffalo and beyond now!
    1. olly-omar
    2. this is a brilliant idea! love it
    1. Roberta Dunn
    2. Beautiful !
    1. Dana Cooper
    2. totally cool and wish you all the votes in the world. Here's to walking through age with some style!
    1. Tiran
    2. Very awesome products !!!
    1. jono85
    2. good design hope it all goes well good luck
    1. K.
    2. What a delightful cane!
    1. hannah grierson.
    2. colours are lovely, really good design.
    1. laurkim
    2. design ♥.
    1. doyle1
    2. love the diferent colours! great design.
    1. djsamwalker
    2. nice
    1. paulomar1990
    2. I know what I'm getting my grandad for christmas this year
    1. paulwallace
    2. amzing !!! cool o.a.p. cane
    1. Maggie May
    2. Great Style. Love the color choice. Happy.
    1. lovely
    2. Wanna be the first to have one of these in the UK.
    1. Jim Mockler
    2. I need one. Where can I get it
    1. victoriamaddocks
    2. How cheerful!
    1. Jamil GS
    2. Where was this when i had my leg broken..
      Im psyched for whomever gets to heal or have support with style.
      Great Idea. Great sense. Great omhu(care).
    2. Absolutely brilliant...and about time!
    1. smallwonders
    2. great design and workmanship!
    1. Rasmus
    2. What a cool cane
    1. Henrik
    2. Hvornår kan man mon prøve den?
    1. Coggs
    2. Great design - love the non-slip feature
    1. Yaffa
    2. "Beauty will save the world"
    1. Beth Rosenberg
    2. Why shouldn't people with disabilities look fashionable! This is a perfect cane for so many people. Buy it.
    1. Lee Omar
    2. Sexy Cane, can't wait to get one.
    1. mdev
    2. Soon we'll all be cane-enabled whether we need it or not. This is more than a cane, it's a must have accessory.
    1. basselin
    2. Playful and fun. A Fashion item for all ages ! I hope my parents will not steal it from me !!!
    1. Littlecupcake1
    2. p.s. my mom designed these no joke. please vote for them!
    1. Littlecupcake1
    2. I love them when i get older i'll use it!
    1. Museum
    2. Lovely it is
    1. charlesstanley
    2. got to get Grandpa one of these!
    1. brian*
    2. LOVE IT!!
    1. davidfordcooper
    2. These canes are amazing where can I purchase one?
    1. mpm504
    2. As an Arthritic yet stylish man, I can't thank you enough. Finally!
    1. christopheryoung
    2. very chic- the violet is my favorite; what a stunning design.
    1. strident
    2. Fantastic! I've been waiting for this.
    1. kdeb
    2. I'm waiting for RED and them I'm in.
    1. Vivian56
    2. Break a leg
    1. sjh
    2. Makes needing one appealing.
    1. KStern
    2. Please Sign me up for a different color each day, Monday thru Friday!
    1. EKas
    2. A stylish design anyone would be glad to use!
    1. Coach
    2. Finally! A cane you would like to be seen with.
    1. katchdesignco
    2. these are beautiful and will put a spring in the step of everyone who uses them! love love
    1. Zanone
    2. Nice design for better living.
    1. Mrs. Strohl
    2. Finally - a cool cane!
      Cheers me up just looking at it.
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