SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala
  • SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala
  • SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala
  • SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala
  • SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala

SHINEON by gregorysung for ATC Guatemala

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SHINEON was designed for the non-profit Appropriate Technology Collaborative for the immediate needs of rural mountain villages in Guatamala to replace traditional toxic kerosene lamps. As shown in the before and after photos below, one SHINEON lamp safely illuminates an entire room which is often shared by more than 4 family members.

1 low cost led lamp (with a +10K lifespan) , a discarded mobile phone charger and 1 small small solar panel = SHINEON. All components are sold for under 2 dollars US are given to rural families on a lease/own model. SHINEON is often payed for in full by these families in only a few months not impacting their small current household income.

Minus the solar cells provided by the government and through international non-profit charity organizations, SHINEON, including any discarded cell phone charger is produced with local discarded wood plastic and string. All parts are manufactured with simple hand tools and local processes.

SHINEON is currently being produced and sold today in many villages throughout Guatemala.

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    2. Very interesting. One question how do you allow for the cooling of the LED lamp? If it is not cooled properly the LEDs burnout very rapidly. It looks like there is no allowance for this.
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