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scrap lights

Nominated by alannati


graypants, inc


cardboard, recycle, green, pendant, boxes, trash, repurpose, reuse, lighting, graypants


Graypants scrap lights transform an ugly, discarded material into something beautiful and unique. They are handmade in Seattle, which means old boxes stay off the streets and are turned into something beautiful.

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    1. msquaredplus2
    2. Graypants is amazing!! So blessed. Keep the amazing ideas flowing!
    1. k.moeller
    2. Hi DajO! Over the years we have worked on the efficiency of our laser-cut sheets, so that now an average of less than 25% of scrap cardboard is unused (to be recycled again.) - Graypants
    1. DajO
    2. The stacking concentric layers of cardboard would require LOTS of cardboard, leaving lots of wasted cardboard with holes cut out. Perhaps you can alternate layers cut out of two cardboard sheets. Clever re-use of material.
    1. stine.sloane
    2. spectacular and magical retro sphere's of wonder. the celestial heavens have nothing on you. congratulations graypants.
      - christine sloane
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