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LL2 lounger

Nominated by Enrico Bonetti


Bonetti / Kozerski Studio


ll2 lounger, rocking, bluetooth speakers, lamborghini, tablet, ipad, ergonomic


Reading a book, watching a movie, or listening to music is more and more often enjoyed through the use of a handheld tablet. The designers noticed that there was no seating specifically designed for this purpose; instead, tablet users are forced to adapt themselves to existing furniture typologies.

This LL2 Lounger addresses those needs subtly in its design. The chaise has an integrated footrest to raise the knees on which the tablet is often propped. The gentle structural curve of the chair supports the userís elbows as he or she holds the tablet. Though the stitching and design detail is inspired by fine automotive upholstery (the Lamborghini Miuraís seats were one of the references), the piece sits comfortably in any interior environment.

Rechargeable Bluetooth speakers are concealed in the adjustable headrest and pair with the tablet, enabling music and movies to be enjoyed in effortless high fidelity

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