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  • Draw-Dog
  • Draw-Dog


Nominated by Boyleworks


Boyleworks Design/Henry Boyle


furniture, sustainable, bench, plywood, rta, ready to assemble. kd,knock down, collapsible, nomadic, ship-flat


This design allows me to easily transport and set-up furniture to resume my working routines in locations
of my choice. I can easily breakdown this design without tools, and relocate, or store it easily.

Draw-Dog serves an immediate function towards learning, and practicing the art of drawing. It is the first piece in a diverse collection of well known furniture items that will take advantage of a system of fit-together pieces which create locked-in stablility across horizontal, vertical and lateral planes.

It is assembled solely by hand, creating a portable, versatile, universally familiar furniture piece
that, utilizies inexpensive, available materials, and a single(one cut operation) industrial process, making it easy to reproduce/replace.

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