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Ravenscroft Desk

Nominated by pfeifer


Leonhard Pfeifer


desk, cable management, sustainable, technology, functional, accessible, fsc, environmental, beautiful, proportion


This desk is a stunning example of how function, form and manufacturing can come together elegantly to produce a an iconic design that is as useful as it is beautiful

Comments (2)

    1. pfeifer
    2. Thanks for the comment David. Actually the desk incorporates a cable management shelf and cable access slots in the back panel, easily accommodating power transformers and hard drives so it's ideally suited for modern working.

      I'm developing a smaller version of the desk for smaller spaces along with a bookcase. The chair is a good idea too.
    1. David Weinflash
    2. The Ravencroft Desk is a delight. Does it come in different sizes? Are there chairs, benches, shelves and other accessory pieces to complete a work space clearly devoted to paper and pencil, a work space from which all electronic devices have been banned!
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