Design Matters on Design Observer

Design Matters on Design Observer

Nominated by Katharine Spark


Debbie Millman


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This is a really great design podcast that is educational, inspiring and democratic. Debbie Millman has interviewed over 150 designers from all walks of life and they reveal how they got to where they got in life as well as share their beliefs and hopes and aspirations.

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    1. Funnyaplex
    2. This topic is something that I have been looking into for a while now and your insight is exceptional. Thanks for sharing this information.
      park and fly
    1. caryking
    2. If you have ever listen to a Design Matters podcast then you'll know why. Congrats Debbie & Design Observer!

      Keep inspiring us all.
    1. inter4522
    2. They have done such a great job with the design of this. The ideas have really paid off on this. I see so much coming from this in the future.
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    1. riodjomama
    2. There's no conspiracy. People voted. Congrats on a very well-deserved award to one of the hardest working individuals in the design community. Debbie has always worked hard to promote design education and provide resources for designers of all levels by granting them access to great role-models in the field. This podcast allows them to inspire and share their tools of the trade. It's a very well-designed concept.
    1. poppy1
    2. Danube,
      I doubt they'll do that but you never know...after all, conspiracies are hard to keep quiet...
    1. Danube Diva
    2. It would be great if the runner-ups were displayed somewhere. I haven't seen this information anywhere.

      Congratulations to Debbie and crew.
    1. bambi
    2. I don't get it either, but I guess it helps to be the president of AIGA
    1. kspark
    2. I'm a bit surprised too. Where's the design part?

      It seems like more of a social media award now.
    1. oddsmaker
    2. I dont understand how this podcast won the award. It's just a podcast. Sure, its good, but where is the design???
    1. matthewmunoz
    2. Design Matters is one of the easiest, inspiring, and provocative methods for learning about the world. What a way to share knowledge!
    1. jeremydipaolo
    2. Robust, thoughtful discussion about design is so often contained within the confines of our profession. This (free) podcast is an incredible resource, available to anyone with a curiosity about the ways our world is shaped by design.
    1. Newark441
    2. This is a great educational and inspirational resource for designers and artists and it is FREE!
    1. Dwayne Cogdill
    2. At a time when the definition of design seems cloudy, Debbie Millman is like sunshine clarifying, inspiring, and bringing meaning to the ongoing discussion that is design history.
    1. Lynda
    2. An advocate of this podcast from it's inception, Debbie is a fabulous interviewer and her people and subjects are inspiring and relevant. This is an important part of my professional development.
    1. jamescronin
    2. Really inspirational podcast, a great listen.
    1. ABCDGreg
    2. Fantastic educational resource for designers and students.
    1. JS
    2. Awesome podcast!
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